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Aggressive business professionals who use technology to build new products and/or make their companies more productive and profitable.

Editorial Mission

To provide information and insights on how various new technologies, products and design techniques are used to solve business problems.

TechScan will cover distinct technologies as well as specific industries. The focus will be on practical applications rather than the "speeds and feeds."

We will cover products that we believe offer new or improved ways of handling typical business situations. In providing this coverage we will test and attempt to apply various technologies to specific business tasks.

This coverage is provided to inform managers on technology matters that will be of concern to them at once or in the near future.


TechScan is distributed to approximately 2,500 business professionals worldwide.

Subscription Information

Domestic : 12 issues - $87.50, 24 issues - $150. Elsewhere (airmail service) add $60 per year to the subscription price.


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